The template for an informative essay for two consists of three essays: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each of these three essays is written in a unique format that will help you build your argument or support your point of view.

The introduction provides a summary of the main points of the essay. It should be well-organized and easy to read, and can be written from the first person.

The body provides a brief overview of the main topic and what it is trying to achieve, as well as providing a list of supporting details. If the essay is about politics, the body could use several paragraphs about each political party’s past and present positions. If it is about a particular historical event, the body could provide facts that support or refute that event.

The conclusion consists of several paragraphs that support or oppose the main arguments made throughout the body of the essay. It is generally longer than the body, since it contains a number of different supporting arguments. The conclusion can also include a few pages worth of conclusions in a separate document that you will need to use when you are proofreading your essay.

The introduction and conclusion need not be the same length, and neither one should be too long or too short. In other words, an introductory paragraph should not take up more than a third of the essay while a conclusion should not be longer than four to five sentences. In most cases, you will end up with a two-page introduction and a two-page conclusion.

However, you should always have at least a single introductory paragraph, because it is your first introduction to the essay. The introduction should be written so it makes sense from the start, and it should be written in a clear, concise, and grammatically correct style that will encourage the reader to read the entire document.

The body, as the name suggests, consists of the supporting arguments or evidence that supports the main points in the essay. Each paragraph should have a supportive argument that is supported by at least three paragraphs elsewhere in the essay. If you want, you could include several paragraphs in your body, but if you are writing an essay on international relations, the supporting paragraphs should be divided into two parts: a general one that provide facts that support your argument; and then a specific one that provide supporting facts that support your specific argument.

Finally, the concluding paragraph provides a final statement that supports the conclusion of the main body. It is usually long enough to provide support for the conclusion of the whole essay but short enough not to make your reader feel overwhelmed by the essay. You could use it to wrap up the document by including links to your resource box and your email address.

A good template will be easy to customize to suit your own needs. You can add a couple of paragraphs to it as necessary to create the structure you need.

Another great way to keep your template short is to limit the number of examples that you include in it. Although you may want to include a few images to support your thesis, you might consider adding more text, preferably by using bullets instead of numbers, to make the text more readable. By doing this, you will cut down on the length of your essay by almost 50%.

One final note on your conclusion. You might decide that you want to conclude your work by including a couple of quotes or a brief narrative from an authority figure.

Effective conclusion writing is one of the most difficult aspects of any composition. You can learn how to write one that will not only be short and easy to read, but one that has powerful arguments to support your point.