One question that often comes up in introductory courses about composition is “how long is a descriptive essay?” In particular, the amount of time that it takes to write and to edit one’s own work is frequently referred to as this question. The answer, of course, depends upon the type of work that one wishes to write for the college or university to approve.

As mentioned above, it typically takes considerably less time to write a descriptive essay than to write an argument. This is the reason why many students who are entering their first semester are advised to write on such topics that they are most familiar with. Of course, some of them will choose to write on topics that they know little about, while others will write on subjects that they are already very familiar with.

The length of a descriptive essay is, therefore, dependent upon how much information that one wants to convey to the reader. It is also dependent upon the type of college or university that one wishes to attend. A student who intends to attend the University of Virginia should expect that he or she will spend more time on essays on subjects that are closely related to the University of Virginia itself. Conversely, a student who is planning to attend Harvard should expect that he or she will spend less time on essays on subjects that are not directly related to the University of Harvard.

The length of a descriptive essay also depends upon the subject that it is being written about. If the topic that one is writing about is a relatively straightforward topic such as a cityscape, then it may take less time than if the topic was something more complicated such as science, math or history.

The length of the article is also determined by the time that it takes to write and revise it. If the writer has a long list of ideas that need to be included in the article, it may take longer to write one article than it would to write several articles on each topic. This is also true if there are some subjects that may require extensive research before they can be covered adequately in an article.

Finally, there is the matter of whether the writer is expected to write from his or her own experience or from the information that is provided in the resource box. In most cases, those who are writing in their own experience tend to make their articles appear more polished and more complete, whereas those writing in the resource box often make their articles seem more amateurish and unprofessional.

As a conclusion, one needs to realize that there is no exact rule about the length of a descriptive essay. It depends upon the type of writing that one does and upon the subject that one is writing about. Therefore, one can expect that it will take more time to write one article on a specific subject than it will to write a different article on a completely unrelated topic.

A good essay is one that provide useful information to those who are reading it, but that is also brief enough to give the reader the information that he or she needs without making the article seem too cluttered. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that it is not uncommon for an article to take a good deal of time to produce.

Therefore, the best advice that a person can follow when writing a descriptive essay is to ensure that it is clear, concise and easy to understand. By doing so, it will also be much easier to revise it in the future. Once written, a descriptive essay should not be edited in any way. Instead, it is up to the reader to determine whether the essay was written properly and whether the essay contained the correct information.

It is also important that the reader understand that a great amount of research needs to be done before an essay can be written. Researching thoroughly helps to determine the general topics that need to be covered in the article and makes the research process much easier.

Finally, writing an article is not easy, but then neither is writing a great essay. However, a student who is able to produce a great essay is likely to be able to produce another great essay in the future.