An 8th grade the effects of earthquakes informational essay has been assigned to a class of students at the end of a lesson, on which we discussed the topic of earthquakes. After several students asked questions concerning the effects of earthquakes, I began to explain how an earthquake can affect a society and their daily activities.

The effects of an earthquake is a topic that has been featured in the local media quite often. This is due in large part to the many people that have relocated to higher ground after being devastated by an earthquake. When a family leaves a home that has been affected by an earthquake, they must make arrangements for new accommodations as well as for medical transportation. This can be very expensive, and the loss of the home itself is a large financial burden to the family.

Since high school and college students are typically the ones who plan the move into a new home after a disaster, this is a topic that is important to them. During the course of my research for this lesson, I read a lot of articles on how earthquakes can affect a nation’s economy. The articles were written during the time of the recent devastating events in Japan.

In the pages of the local newspapers and television news stations, I saw the photos of damaged buildings, destroyed houses, damaged roads, and other damaged infrastructure. Many of the articles also highlighted the hardships of displaced people living in temporary housing arrangements and provided basic advice about coping with the relocation.

Although most of these articles focused on the suffering caused by the earthquake, the main focus was on helping the displaced people find permanent housing. They were able to see photos of temporary housing units, and were provided information on how they would be put together. It is important to note that these pieces of information were provided with pictures, so that the audience could see the exact placement of items within the temporary housing units.

Most of the articles that I read about the temporary housing had photos of houses in which people lived. The families who lived in the temporary housing units had pictures taken of themselves, their children, and family pets that lived with them. Some of the photographs showed entire families that had moved into temporary housing units. One picture showed a whole family living in a trailer home that was covered in sand.

I have learned that the aftermath of an earthquake is often worse than what was originally experienced during the initial event. After the initial earthquake, there are people that need help rebuilding their lives and making sure they are safe. Families and individuals who are displaced due to the destruction are often dealing with psychological issues. The displacement caused by the initial disaster may not be known to the public, but the problems caused by it can be dealt with by providing help and assistance for the displaced person’s personal needs.

Another good source of information for this lesson was a local newspaper, and one article that I read included a photograph from a local newspaper that showed a flooded neighborhood in Japan after the recent event. The newspaper stated that the flood occurred due to a strong earthquake that hit the area. Even though the newspaper stated that the neighborhood has been rebuilt, it is possible that the entire community might experience flooding again, and that flooding could occur if the water levels stay high. I was thrilled to find that the earthquake that caused the devastation could still happen, and so was the lesson.