An effect of internet on teenager is a commonly asked question by parents and by school teachers. In fact, they are also worried about the effect of internet on young people.

Teenagers have always been known to be hyperactive, easily distracted and not able to focus well on their studies. Their ability to focus and to memorize has been known to be very poor as well. These are some of the reasons why they have been known to skip school and miss a lot of classes. As the result, there have been many educational initiatives to help them in mastering the subjects that they need to master. Some of the ideas that have been put forward include homework, extra-curricular activities, computer games, internet classes and more.

What do you think is the effect of internet on teenagers? Do you agree with the notion that internet use can distract a teenager? Does your opinion differ from those of the experts who are stating that the internet does not have such an effect?

I believe the answer is that the internet may affect the student negatively. The student can become easily distracted with his/her studies when he/she is using the internet, especially if the internet is used to do homework. When this happens, students would start missing out on the lectures that they had already listened to or learned during class.

There are studies that show the effects of the internet on teenagers. One study says that the students’ attention spans are affected, making them lose focus easily on their studies. This is the main reason why the teacher should create a suitable schedule for the internet use of the students, so that they can complete their work and get a good night’s sleep at night.

Another study suggests that teenagers who have a good internet connection can stay longer in class than those with poor connections. The students who are on poor connections tend to skip a lot of classes, as they will have no access to the internet during their class time. However, there are some teenagers who can access the internet while on their studies. These teenagers are usually those whose parents cannot afford expensive web connections because of high-speed internet connection is available in the neighborhood.

The effect of internet on teenager cannot be determined only by looking at the student’s performance in school. It also depends on how the student reacts to other factors including the social lifestyle of the teenager. This means that the results of the study can also depend on the environment that he/she lives in, whether it is a comfortable one for a teenager to learn or not.

One last thing to consider when answering the question of “what is the effect of internet on teenager” is the way the teenager uses the internet. Is the internet just an addiction or does it involve more than reading and homework? If the teenager is using the internet to play online games that require lots of clicking and playing, then he/she is likely to miss out on the more important things that the Internet has to offer.

It has been proven that the Internet can be a great help in helping teenagers who are having trouble in their studies and for boosting self-esteem. However, there are certain cases where the Internet can actually ruin a teenager’s studies and cause further difficulties. Therefore, parents should be watchful about the use of the Internet especially when it comes to the use of computers in the classroom.

If the Internet is being used for homework assignments, then there are certain rules that need to be followed. If the student is using a laptop computer for any other purpose, then it is not advisable for him/her to use it as a homework assistant. The Internet can help the student in learning by allowing him/her to compare and analyze the information.

The Internet can help students in reading and writing essays, but there are times when the Internet can also affect the writing process of the essay. If the student is using the Internet for the purpose of studying then he/she should always pay attention to the grammar that he/she has to write.

The Internet can also be a help in improving the knowledge of the student in a certain subject. However, when this is the case, it is important that the student use his/her judgment. If the student is taking a test, then he/she should first consult his/her professor before starting to write anything and should also ensure that the professor approves the use of the Internet for this purpose.