The first step for you as an essay writer is to make a claim. This is often overlooked by essay writers who are writing for the purposes of academic writing or for the purpose of a thesis. This is an essential part of essay writing that cannot be ignored.

There are many ways that one can go about making a claim. Some of these include:

o Make a Claim by Making an Outstanding Argument: Many writers try to make an argument, but often, they lose their audience because of their lack of writing ability and due to poor argumentative skills. They may be able to make an argument on a particular topic, but if it is bad and not original, many people will not take the time to listen to it.

o Make a Claim by Using an Original Research: You need to make a strong and original research. This means that you need to conduct the research, analyze the data and put together your conclusion after the analysis has been completed.

o Claim by Including Sources: The more sources you have, the more your article is going to be credible. Therefore, the more credible the source is, the more believable your conclusion will be.

o Claim by Writing a Description: Describe the subject matter well in your first paragraph and then write a description of the subject matter in your second paragraph. Your description needs to tell people the benefits of reading the article.

o Claim by Using Verisimilitude: If you can’t see the facts of a statement, how can you know if it is true? Use verisimilitude by using statistics or other evidence to back up your statement.

o Make a Claim by Writing a Hypothesis: If your research shows that the claim you are making is false, you must tell readers this. Then, in your conclusion, state that there is no evidence that supports your hypothesis.

o Use a Fictional Story: Make a fictional story that supports the points that you want to make in your essay. Make it believable so that people will take the time to read your essay.

o Make a Claim by Using Facts: Do not just rely on opinions. Use facts in your essay.

o Use Sources: Make sure that you have information to support your claims. You do not have to rely solely on one source, but provide adequate information.

o Make a Claim by Using Evidence: When you use data to support your claims, you are doing two things. You are supporting your claim with evidence and also, the information you provide helps support your claims.

o Make a Claim by Drawing on Past Experience: Another tip is to make your claim based on experience. For example, if you are writing an essay about child development, provide information about children that have developed.

A good tip is to think about what type of questions to ask yourself and how to use them. For example, if you are writing an essay about child development, you may want to ask yourself questions such as: What was the average age of the child when they reached this point?

What are the major milestones that a child must go through during development? How many types of interventions are there?

There are many important aspects to answering these questions. If you want your readers to understand the concepts behind your article, you have to make sure that you answer all of them carefully.

Finally, make sure that you follow these tips carefully. If you do not take the time to make your articles compelling, then people will not read them. If your articles are weak, then they will not be read at all.